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We need your voice

We can use our voices to advocate for the hundreds of families in need of resources, education, and support. Here are just a few of the ways that you can become an advocate:


  • Add Options to your company’s matching gift campaign

  • Invite an Options speaker to present to your church or community group

  • Host a house party in your home to share the cause with your circle of influence

  • Facilitate a Tour to introduce your friends/family to Options

  • Promote and attend our events

Contact our CEO to become an advocate for the cause. 
Options to decide with confidence.

"I liked that they seemed interested in my needs." ~ Client Quote

"Everyone was so welcoming and helpful. I really appreciate everything about today." ~ Client Quote

"The Options staff was very sweet, understanding and helpful." ~ Client Quote

"The staff was extremely helpful in explaining my options and offering reassurance." ~ Client Quote

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